Lodge of Fortitude & Old Cumberland No.12 (Original No.3) Acting by Immemorial Constitution
Lodge of Fortitude & Old Cumberland No.12 (Original No.3)Acting by Immemorial Constitution

United Chapter of Prudence No.12 

For most Masons the next step in the progression is to join Royal Arch. Our Royal Arch Chapter is the United Chapter of Prudence No.12.


When the Supreme Grand Chapter was formed in 1817 it enacted a requirement that every private Chapter should be attached to a regular Lodge; in compliance with this rule, United Chapter of Prudence petitioned the new governing body to be attached to the Lodge of Fortitude and Old Cumberland No.12. The Petition was granted by the issuing of a Charter of Attachment on 29th October 1818, the document under which the Chapter still works. At the same time the Chapter surrendered, as was implicit in the regulation, the earlier Warrant of 1808. 

The Chapter can trace its origins back to before 1798, and in 2013 the Bicentenary year for Supreme Grand Chapter it was granted a bicentennial jewel commemorating two hundred years of continuous meetings from 1798 to 1998.

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