Lodge of Fortitude & Old Cumberland No.12 (Original No.3) Acting by Immemorial Constitution
Lodge of Fortitude & Old Cumberland No.12 (Original No.3)Acting by Immemorial Constitution

The Officers and Past Masters Collars

In 1917, to mark the 200th anniversary of the formation of Grand Lodge, the M.W. Grand Master ordered the Officers of the three Time Immemorial Lodges be granted the right to wear a collar unique in all Freemasonry. It is a light blue collar with a dark blue band as shown in the picture above.


On Noveber 1, 1926, the Lodge Minutes record a letter form the Grand Secretary in the following terms ...


"I now have pleasure in informing you the M.W. Grand Master recognises the right of all Past Masters of the Lodge of Fortitude and Old Cumberland No.12 since the year 1917, to wear the same collar as the Officers of the Lodge". 


The three Time Immemorial Lodges have the right to wear these collars. However, as both No.2 and No.IV are Grand Steward "Red Apron" Lodges. So if you see a Mason wearing one of these collars they are most probably from No.12.


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